We are now changing domain name servers due to the GCoin change to GCN. Cashouts will not work on Bubbles / Slots for a while.






Earn GCN 10,000 when you transfer a file at: (special gift right now GCN 250,000 per download)


File transfer without email. You pick a password and send it to the file receiver.




Paste your GCN address on the bottom right and get GCN 10k with every download. Simple as that.

Youtube instructions



Hi Guys,

We are changing our name to just GCN with a new logo.

Nothing else will change. Your old wallets and coins will work as normal.

There will be some disruption during the name change.

We sold the name GCoin. 

We will now have more funds for expansion.


Our new links will be








There should now always be GCN in the android games. Light Bikes, Slots and Bubbles are all full of GCN.

There was quite a bit of hacking going on clearing out those wallets. We had to make some changes.


http://casino.gcn.zone/ is back. We are looking for feedback as we test it.




www.gcnpool.com is tested and working (or

Why not rent a scrypt rig at https://www.miningrigrentals.com and try it.


checkout https://coins.newbium.com/post/2057-gcoin-accepted-here

Checkout https://prohashing.com/

Checkout http://cryptoguru.tk/index.php?Currency=GCN

Spend your GCN at World of Electronics: 



Spend your GCN at http://www.worldofelectronics.ie/GCoin_Use_CryptoCurrency_Here_s/2322.htm

World of Electronics.


Buy a 1TB 2.5"drive for G168m delivered. Cost Doge at https://bleutrade.com/exchange/GCN/DOGE only D33,600 = $10.67 wow. 27/01/2016




My GCN Light bikes won't sync ?  Try this: Go to the slots. Go to peer monitor. Take an IP address that is working. Go back to light bikes. Go to settings. Go to trusted peer. Enter that IP address (I use node or







Buy a CD or an old style Vinyl at www.greglab.com with GCN

Two products so far to try. More coming.

















Windows Wallet & Source code here: Here

Extract all to desktop.





  • Remember to wait for the block chain to catch up when using an Android App if it has been closed for a long time or on a new install. This may take 9+ hours.



See GCN value and position



Check out our article.



Also at www.newsbtc.com/












www.worldofelectronics.ie are now accepting GCN as payment. Spend your GCN here. 
Current Rate of exchange they offer is G2,000,000 = €1.00

Address to pay GCN is: GQQ869f9T6JMHhQEpKLeY5JvQ9uYoK2d2S
Delivery is Euro 10 outside Ireland. USA orders welcome.
Make your order now smile emoticon. Max €155. Some items may be too heavy for shipping outside UK.












www.webworld.ie now accept GCN
Host your websites in webworld.
We now accept GCN as payment.
GCN is similar to Bitcoin.
You can get a GCN windows wallet at http://www.gcoin.us
Current Rate of exchange: G1,100,000 = €1.10
Address to pay GCN is: GQQ869f9T6JMHhQEpKLeY5JvQ9uYoK2d2S
So if you want to spend Euro 30 send G33,000,000
Max: €85 per transaction. One per person per week.
Choose pay by wire transfer and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your confirmation.








Download GCN Light Bikes. 

 Play. Win. GCN.







  • Remember to wait for the block chain to catch up when using an Android App if it has been closed for a long time or on a new install. This may take 24+ hours.















GCN Mining pool list:








  • A small note to all GCN users. The only safe place for your currency is on an offline windows wallet with
  • at least three backups of the wallet.dat file. While we will always try and help in any way we can, you must
  • put your funds there. At any other location you run the risk of loosing your coins. This is the same for all
  • crypto currencies. It is your responsibility to store your coins here safely. Storing GCN on the games is
  • not safe. Move them to a windows wallet. Do not continue to play the games if you cannot cash out. It is
  • best to cash out after every game play or win. If you don't follow this instruction you may loose your GCN. 
  • If you loose coins for any reason, sorry but that is part of the deal. The best we will be able to offer is a few 
  • free coins to get you going again. Be safe :) 






Any problems please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.















 When you play this game you will win GCN

Browser iPhone iPad PC Android GCoin games  

to http://casino.gcn.zone






When you play this game you will win GCN

Android App GCN games.








Exchanges: Get trading on Bleutrade in         BTC/LTC/DOGE/US Dollar.        Great fun. All welcome.

To lodge into Bleutrade from a visa card go to your wallet and lodge in USD, you will need a photo

of your Passport and the Visa card together to upload.

Training to use Bleutrade. Buy and sell GCN







 Just a reminder you can mine/trade and place items in marketplace @



Blockexplorer too






Get involved, join the party and give us your feedback……all critique and suggestions are most welcome!

Click here to join us on BitcoinTalk.org


GCN for bitcointalk.org signatures program. Earn GCN for listing us on your Signature.

Goods for sale offers on Bitcointalk.




Click here to join us on CryptoCoinTalk.com

[giveaway] At Crypto Coin Talk. Have some Doge Coin & GCN. Wow such free













Actual exchange rates of cryptocurrencies

Online wallet services.






GCN for Advertising program. Earn GCN for advertising us. Facebook and Twitter users welcome.




Another exchange: 















Reporting: 1st December 2016. Next report due December 2017.

Total: G31.5 billion to win on the Wallet/Android games + other games.

Left to win on the games: G4.6 billion. 

Earned by players to date as at (01/12/2016) on the games: G26,912,133,483

Actual Daily Payout average now: G10,660,123

Over 21,476 users directly involved in GCN in 978 days  :)

Mined GCN: G89,345,775,000

Current value of GCN G129.38b * Doge .00090000 = USD $31,771

187 coins with a higher market Cap.

Actual Asset cost of GCN $51,398

24h turnover (7 day average)  $291

www.gcn.zone site visits 128,435




Total Coins: 200 billion.

Pre Mine: 42.5 billion.

Amount to be won on our Android GCN wallet app: 31.5 billion. (G29b + G2.5b mined)

Balance: 11 billion. For me & the boys @ GCN & raising dollars to setup this coin, prizes and future bribes. 


Coin Spec: 

Kimoto Gravity Well
2 minute blocks
150,000 reward per block
Subsidy halves every 533333 blocks







Windows Wallet & Source code here: Here


Extract all to desktop.









Some YouTube help to Download a windows wallet, backup transfer etc:  



Games and QR code demo















A few notes. 

1) Transfer your earnings from the game to the wallet. It's safer there.

2) Transfer your coin to a windows wallet to be even safer again.

If you loose coins for any reason, sorry but that is part of the deal. 

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & maybe he can help :)


Max cash out is G1,999,999 from Android Games per day. No limit on the browser Games.










Windows Wallet: Here
Extract all to desktop.

  • A note for Miners. I find solo mining more solid. Never seems to knock off. Mining pools get some of the take.
  • When you solo mine you get the lot. Instructions on solo mining are below along with videos. You will be pleased with the results.


Mining GCN:

Solo mining CPU (processor no fancy video card)

Solo mining GPU (with fancy video card)

Mining Pool GPU (with fancy video card) www.gcoinpool.com.





print your address followed by qr code 

to get your qr code picture.

Backup up wallet.dat from   C:\Users\Greg\AppData\Roaming\GCoin\   three times minimum.

or type  %appdata% at your START folder , open the folder called roaming and search

for your folder of gcoin , there is your wallet.dat

Go Here if the files are hidden on your computer.









Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Block Explorer: http://gcnchain.com/





GCoin Network Limited.

Dwarf Oaks

Church Road


Co. Dublin


Phone: 00 353 87 7682964


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